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Keystone works exclusively with personal injury plaintiff law firms. Retain us and free up your staff to focus on the litigation process. Allow us to obtain the records you need to take advantage of every settlement opportunity.

At Keystone, our experienced team helps to eliminate your administrative burden by retrieving the medical records you need, ensuring your injured client receives the best services and maximum value from your services firm.

Record retrieval is a critical step in the litigation process. Proactive procedures need to be in place to ensuring the records don’t fall into the wrong hands. You can trust our team to maintain the highest levels of security to protect your reputation and your client’s privacy.

Why Choose Keystone?

Reliable Service

Trust that you will always receive accurate, verified records to support your client’s claim.

Fast Turnaround

Don’t leave money “sitting on the table.” We offer timely and efficient results, helping you avoid unnecessary delays and a quicker case result.

Save Time & Money

Pass the record retrieval costs onto your clients as a case expense, and free up your paralegals for other litigation tasks.

Our Services

Our fast turnaround time ensures that you can move forward with each case as quickly as possible, helping you reach a settlement and timely payment.

Records Service

Trusted Services for Legal & Corporate Plaintiff Law Firms

We’ll work tirelessly to obtain the necessary records so your firm can establish liability and prove each case. Our records retrieval services minimize your firm’s administrative tasks so your highly trained team can focus on other priorities.


Quick Access to Medical Records and Files

Keystone works exclusively with personal injury law firms. We understand the unique position of obtaining fast, accurate records.


End-to-end records retrieval services simplify your billing processes and help to manage expenses at the same time. We’ll help you access the files you need to support billing claims and more. We obtain records by authorization under affidavit.

Service fees are as follows:

  • Imaging/Radiology: $70
  • Medical: $70*
  • Billing: $70*
  • Custodian Fee: Passed on as charged*
  • Volume discounts are available

Every request is rush a request.


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